About me


Hi, I’m Dali

As a UX designer with 10 years of experience in both K12 bilingual classrooms in China and the US, and a product manager with expertise in product concept strategy, I bring cultural empathy and a user-centered approach to the field of Human-Computer Interaction.

My background

My background as an educator has taught me to study people and understand their needs, which I apply to my work as a UX designer. As a product manager, I have managed a small team to launch education products that enhance learning and drive engagement.

My international background has given me a deep understanding of both Chinese and American users' needs, allowing me to design products that resonate with both audiences. Through my experiences in both countries, I have learned how cultural nuances impact user behavior and expectations, and I apply this knowledge to create products that are not only effective but culturally relevant.

With my diverse skill set and cross-cultural understanding, I am able to create intuitive and effective digital experiences that meet the needs of users from different backgrounds.

Work philosophy

  • User first, always. As an educator who facilitates learning every day, I enjoy observing people and empathizing with their questions and confusions. I turn these experiences into "aha" moments and valuable opportunities for improving user experience.
  • Design with accessibility. I enjoy identifying and solving problems to help reach wider audiences, promote inclusivity and compliance, and deliver business benefits, as well as an improved user experience for all.
  • Growth mindset. I have never stopped learning, regardless of the degrees or certificates I have earned. I view discomfort during work as an opportunity for learning and use constructive feedback to continuously improve, practice, and iterate.
  • Collaboration and community. The sum of the team is always greater than its individuals, and I love being part of the UX Ambassador team, where I am empowered by my peers' inspiration.

Skills and software

  • UX Research: user interview, journey maps, user stories
  • UX Design: sketches, wireframes, prototyping, mockup
  • Design softwares: Figma, Indesign, Photoshop

Not all who wander are lost: My favorite activities outside of work


Growing anthurium, especially for its unique foliage. It's amazing to see the intricate designs that nature has created, and it's like having a piece of natural art in my own home.

What helps me out? The museum is always there, waiting to welcome you with open arms (and some seriously impressive paintings)

I absolutely love spicy food and cooking dishes like Guizhou spicy chicken is one of my favorite things to do.

Biking on a beautiful trail almost as much as I love eating a whole Guizhou spicy chicken by myself.

Contact information

Email: daliluowong@gmail.com

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